Geomatics and remote sensing technologies provide an effective way for mapping and monitoring, helping to improve the management of natural resources. Our main applications domains:


Application 1

Vegetation and agriculture

Applications for the agricultural sector include:

  • Crop type mapping
  • Crop inventory and monitoring
  • Planning and monitoring of intervention programs
  • Multi-temporal harvest evaluation
  • Vegetation health and structure


Product 2

Mining and oil & gas industries

Remote sensing technology offers effective solutions for the following applications:

  • Mapping of surface deposits
  • Lithological mapping
  • Alteration mineral mapping
  • Environmental geology
  • Sedimentation mapping and monitoring
  • Geologic hazard mapping
  • Analysis of areas of influence along transportation routes (oil and gas pipelines)


Product 2


Forestry can benefit from a number of applications, such as:

  • Forest cover mapping
  • Forest inventory
  • Clear cut and deforestation mapping
  • Burn mapping
  • Reforestation monitoring
  • Monitoring of protected natural areas


Product 3


Over the past few decades, environmental degradation has become a source of major concern. Remote sensing and GIS technologies facilitate the surveillance of environmental conditions arising from resource exploitation.

  • Quantifying the use of agricultural soil
  • Deforestation
  • Risk modelling and assessment
  • Water resource assessment


Product 3

Urban and regional planning

Geomatics and remote sensing tools provide a means of monitoring and updating data for efficient management of information needed in urban and regional planning:

  • Urban cartography and actualization
  • Land use mapping
  • Territory delimitation